Saturday, June 20


No, not the band, whom I really don't like. I'm talking.. an art muse - except I'm awful at art, and poetry, and even interpretitve dance. Henceforth, I'm incredibly frustrated, with all this.. art energy I have no way of expressing.

It's like being art-ually horny, but single. Hah.

Anywhom, it's my English teacher from last year, whom I only get one period a week this year (for creative writing! My scene! :) ). I think she's God almightly beautiful, and not in a rampant fancying way either. I don't. I just think she takes pretty to a whoooooole new level.

I'm big into bone structure and, oh my God, her cheekbones could slice bread. Her jawline sits all neatly and chiseled too. Her skin is bloody doll-like in its resemblance to a china tea cup. Her eyes are huge, and very round, and subtely widen even further whenever she gets excited, emphasised by perfectly contoured eyebrows. I like the way she moves: it's so delicate and gliding, yet deliberate. She's minute, close to the definition of skin and bone. Trousers just flow off her legs. She has awesome clavicles and she's also quite tall.

All in all, SOMEONE I WANT TO DRAW OVER AND OVER AGAIN BUT AM INCAPABLE OF DOING SO, especially not to do her justice.

I have no photos, but I honestly cannot get over how she is. I don't know why I have this artist's eye and yet such massive failings in the art department.

[/really, really, really weird-ness]

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