Sunday, August 30

the rennet debate

Mum wants to make me some thing with mozzarella. Fair enough, can't do anything about it. Except the packet of mozzerella says 'made with calf rennet'. THEY SHRED FROZEN STOMACHS TO MAKE THAT. The animal very, very definitely died to make that lump of cheese.

But the parents won't listen. They think it's taking vegetarianism that step to far into veganism, and that saying I won't eat gelatine (which I've never done) and rennet is announcing I'm a frutarian and that I'm going to miss out on loads of nutrients from the inner mucosa of the fourth stomach of the calf.



  1. as far as i know vegetairns dont eat rennet not just vegan i wouldnt eat it anyway because its killing the animal . my parents have decided i should be over my vegetairn phase and are determined to make me eat meat. not a phase idiots
    parents stupid much? lol
    maybe you could find her some rennet free mozzarella (that coincedently happens to be half fatlol)

  2. I am doing my best to find low fat, rennet free mozzarella. Will keep you posted.

  3. I just checked my package of 50% reduced fat cheese, and thankfully, it's made without frozen cow gut.

  4. I've found some that's rennet free. But it's full fat. Major dilemma.

  5. mozerella is disgusting anyways...