Monday, September 7

on sunday

I met, and interviewed, this man (of course, very skinny, and thus deserving of a place in this blog):

As per usual, I got a bit obsessed. Not that that happens generally with people I interview (that's not really a big deal any more), but with things I admire and appreciate. Like his work, I very quickly came to realise during the pre-interview presentation. It's witty, stylish and particularly observant. And him himself. He's fascinating.

During our 10-15 minutes of one-on-one time, he talked in a lovely accent about his inspirations and influences, and favourite art mediums (he's the definition of multi-talented). I found myself relating massively to and enjoying

1. the way in which he describes his influences as 'obsessions' ("I don't think you can do something to it's full potential unless you're 'obsessed' with it. It won't do just to 'kind of like' it")

2. his focus on playing with identity. I feel a desperate need to write a story (my English class has opened the floodgates of creativity again - cheesy, but true) because of this - but, when I think about it, most of my pieces do have some kind of insight into identity. I love it as a theme. So goddamn much.

3. his ability to discover the surreal in the mundane

4. the sense of humour purveyed in the innumerable cartoons

5. his obvious pondering of sexuality - yet another favourite theme of mine

Perhaps they should've sent me to something else at this book festival, like a poetry reading or workshop with a crime writer. I enjoyed it way too much.

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  1. He's impressively skinny. And I love the "I don't think you can do something to it's full potential..." comment. It makes me feel like my obsession with food is not for nothing.