Saturday, October 10

leave of absence

Note: Sorry for being so rubbish at reading/commenting on blog posts, I hope this blog explains a little. I won't be around again until after the holiday - again, explained within the blog.
E x

The past three days I have been away with forty or so of my peers, seeing various universities across the country. This has involved a lot of

a) early, early breakfasts
b) large, service station mid-morning snacks
c) sitting on a bus for huge chunks of the day reading magazines
d) fast, junk food dinners: i.e. Pizza Hut

The only good th
ing from E the Starver's perspective were the actual tours of the unis (lots of walking) and then the hour long walk around Edinburgh I had with an old friend at night. However, from E the Binger's perspective, it was an amazing trip - simply a massive excuse to pack your face with shit. I can't decide.


As of Wednesday, I will be on holiday for 10 days. With the family. Abroad.

It's disgusting. People will be scared of me and my blubber. I'm not leaving the villa.

I don't think I even have
any clothes to wear. I certainly don't have any of those 'swimming costume' things that now and then skinny people buy to torture people like me with by looking like a bag of bones.

And, inspired by Crazy D's drawing, showcased over at, I've done 'E in a Bikini'. There will be no 'real' picture to model against, so judge as you see fit.

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  1. well, i disagree with this picture entirely.
    and you know i'm right, because i seen you three days after this.
    you're not fat.