Sunday, December 13

the contents of my bin

When you're someone who dumps food which has been 'eaten', and then later eats shit loads of junk, it makes for an interesting load of rubbish.

  • crisp packets x 5
  • fun size chocolate bar wrappers x 8
  • proper chocolate bar wrapper x 2
  • empty bottles of Diet Coke x 2
  • manky old bananas, untouched x 2
  • untouched melted ice cream in a carrier bag x 1
  • an untouched roll, also in carrier bag x 1
  • an untouched brownie, also in carrier bag x 1
  • soggy and off cereal



  1. There are plenty of people who would love just a bit of that and here we are using it as an emotional outlet.

    But then again, whether we do or not, they still won't get anything.

    I could use some diet cokes...

  2. I know. I feel so bad about that sometimes, like I could donate my rubbish to starving people. And then, others, I feel quite 'FUCK YOU, WORLD. IF I WANT TO DUMP THIS, I WILL' etc.

  3. I hate binges too :(
    I did really well today, ate absolutely nothing till about 10mins ago.
    I had 3slices of pizza and some chicken wings.
    Any one say fat cow?

    Well least I'm nearly fitting my size 8s eh?
    Love you blog dear!

    Twigs Can Fly