Thursday, December 31

happy new year. nearly.

All my plans got well and truly fucked by snow. So I'm sitting in for the FIFTH YEAR RUNNING with my family (as if I haven't spent enough time with them in the past week and half over Christmas!). I want to do shots of my raspberry Schnapps in private: perhaps then the situation will improve.

I wonder what's to come next year?

  • My school education will end in May (if I don't leave earlier.. it's tempting). Wow. It's come so soon, and yet I feel I've been waiting an awful long time for it.
  • I'll be moving away in September. I can't wait. Edinburgh, hopefully - here I come.
  • I wonder what's going to happen with Man. January is make or break month ('scuse the cliche) - at the moment, I hope it's break month.
  • I'll be another year older in July - and legally allowed to go out and drink. However, I don't think that will change much, as it does for some people, as I've already been going out for years. If you're not age to drink, and reading this, don't go out until you're of age. It'll make it ten times more fun when you can.
  • One of my best friends will be staying here, with her boyfriend. I wonder if we'll keep in touch - I feel it might be brief. I think she'll get engaged.

  • My other best friend will hopefully be studying teaching, but she doesn't want to go to Edinburgh. I'm so pleased that I'll be going out and making new friends, but I wonder if we'll keep in touch, too.

  • My parents will finally finish building their house, six years after it was started. I'll live in it for approximately five months before I move. I don't think it'll feel like home when I come home.
And I think of all the people I could tell, you guys will appreciate this most. I have no massive OMG GET FIT AND THIN 2010 campaigns going on. On the other hand, I must say, everytime I see food, I consider how there's no way in hell I'm going to buy that for myself at uni. How I'm going to live off stirfried vegetables and Diet Coke. How much fucking weight I will therefore lose, and how fucking rich, in student terms, I'm going to be for it.

I hope next year is fabulous for all of you x

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  1. I too will be going to uni in September, and amen to the money saved on food buying! Also agree on the don't go out until your 18 thing, it feels same old before it's begun :(