Tuesday, January 12


Dear Petal, Kitty, & anyone else interested in my sexual exploits:

We explicitly message til 2.15am.

Here's a small selection of the best bits!

E: what happened to not leading me on? :P
Guy: did I say that? ;) you just turn me on wayyy too much.


Guy: that's good to know ;) I don't know what kind of guy I am but you tick all the boxes. Damn, you've got me thinking about you in those shorts...


E: whatever it is about you, I bet you're great in bed..
Guy: I'm going to cum thinking about fucking you. You'd be amazing. I want you.


I'm open enough to post all this on my blog, but I'm just a little too prude to share any of the messages with all the naughty words (there was a lot of 'cock', 'dick', 'wet' and 'hard'. Oh, and the odd 'ass', but I hate that word so I am censoring it on purpose). Shame I don't have Skype. That's right, folks, he asked! Forward, huh?

Oh, who am I kidding. The whole thing was pretty forward, sort of. I have, in my defence, been
lightly flirting with him since the moment he started working with me last March. Like I would
do with most men.

Way to liven up a Monday night, though! I'm quite chuffed. I'm also seriously looking forward to some ball bustingly epic flirting at work next Friday. And probably some actual sex at some point. Mmmmm.

Lots of love,

Your friendly neighbourblog slut


  1. sounds like you had a very productive night love it!

    enjoy it go flirt your socks off (and other items of clothing tut tut)

    :) xx

  2. HA. this makes me feel better about my own exploits. mine recently turned from explicit skype chat typing to a full blown session with cameras and everything.
    I unfortunately unlike you, am also in love with this man while he is in love with his gf. glad you are having fun anyway.

  3. Never fear, Lulu, my dear. This was fun which happened to come to the forefront yesterday. Unfortunately, on top of said adventure, I've been seeing a guy for a year and a half who is ten years older than me, a teacher, with a four year live-in girlfriend! I think you and I will get on quite swimmingly.

  4. :) reply to lulu made me laugh your quite the lil minx

    gray school of art in aberdeen is my first choice but my teacher mucked up my form so glasgow is down as my first choice but i dont think it matters

    your edinburgh ? i always get lost in edinburgh but i like it :)

    although to be honest i still get lost in aberdeen when i get a car its going to need sat nav

  5. Reminds me of the good old days - before the boyfriend, the break up (and explicit weight gain.)
    Just remember one thing and you're good to go:
    No glove no love ;)

    Au revoir~

  6. oh, how much fun is the pre-fuck chase. sometimes (unfortunately) it is better than the actual shagging bit, but whatever.

    it makes a girl feel alive!

    oh and i want a full postmortem after you guys fuck!!

  7. i agree with the above.
    the chase is sometimes better than the kill.