Sunday, February 7

a little too little, a little too late

A girl I know through various writing things (well, from one occasion, really, and she's cyberstalk/add-ed me everywhere since) also happens to be the fattest person I know in real life. Her photos were rejected from the Facebook page of this dress company she's obsessed with, and she has publically complained that they were out of UK size 24, so she had to order a UK size 22 instead. She's in her final year of uni, and potentially going to fail her Journalism and Creative Writing course - because her writing is shit, but let's not get into that now.

Her latest Twitter revelation is that

I may need to join the uni gym.

Well, hun, it's the last three months of your fourth year. You've already got to the size you are. Might as well just leave it now.


  1. Mean. I love it.

    24? Seriously?

    Puts things into perspective.

    Keep being awesome.

  2. size 24?

    that is gross.

  3. I am the Cheat master :) Card games forver.