Sunday, April 11

total meltdown

Today I had what could only be described as a complete freak out over... lunch. I haven't had one of them in AGES: I've been quite... well, I haven't been complaining, hence the lack of blogging.

However, it came to lunch today, and I don't know what happened. I looked in the fridge and cupboards at Work Guy's house, and all I could see was either lumpy soup (eww eww soup) or just fat fat fat. Things I would never eat. I wanted to make a lettuce and pepper roll, which is effectively all I will ever eat for lunches, but there was no lettuce. And to make a roll with just pepper would be weird and I'm striving not to look weird here.

So I took an apple and he looked at me and was like 'what the fuck? There's nothing else you want? You're going to start fading away' (which is a ridiculous suggestion). I shook my head and already knew this was going to be a bad experience.

He was like 'cheese on toast? You said you have that sometimes', and that is true, except I have a single piece of half fat cheddar on wholemeal granary. So I agreed, feeling wholly wary.

Looking in the fridge again, I was like 'oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck' because all there was was brie, ready grated mozzarella (VOM) and cheap, budget, full fat mature Tesco cheddar. I fully freaked, I just... could not bring myself to do it. He was like 'what? What's up with it? Why can't you?' and oh God it was horrible.


  1. Oh honey that sounds absoulutly horrible!!!!!!!

  2. Full fat cheese. Cheap cheese is the worst ! Bless you.

  3. ur post almost gave me a heart attack. i would have run out of that house if i were u.. kudos to u for handling the situation rather calmly.. /xo