Sunday, August 29

future plans

At only 64kcals a serving, I plan to eat this for dinner every night in T minus 13 days. I hope this works. I'm fed up with my stomach and muffin top and flabby upper arms and the stretch marks on my legs from where I ballooned to fuckery. I can't not care about it any more. I just can't. It's doing me no favours.

I'm also joining the gym AS SOON as I move, for many reasons:

  1. I can't be fucking fat. One of my friends lives with an Eastern European catwalk model. If this happens to me I will eat myself to an early grave. I can't compete with that. I'm short and stumpy anyway.
  2. I apparently only have 12 hours of course the whole week - I'm used to a 35hr week at one job, plus 4hrs at second job. What am I going to do except exercise and knit?
  3. Radio Guy is gonna be here, I'm gonna be there. We've just talked about it and are not going to stay together officially, but without planning to see other people and still talking to each other on a regular to daily basis (hmm). So I'm not exactly going to be getting laid and I'm going to have a lot of frustration to let out.
Me and the cross trainer are going to have a very close relationship. We'll be so comfortable, it will happily fart in my company and wear its pyjamas when we lounge on the couch.


  1. i like the sound of that relationship with the cross trainer :) nom ;) xx

  2. Lol, I love it! I want to have the same king of relationship with the Cybex *Sighs*