Monday, September 27

'... what's up with you and crisps?!'

'... lots'

*puts down packet of crisps*


  1. Ooh, kinda of a bitchy thing to say :/

    There's nothing wrong with you and crisps, if you want to eat them then you may <3

  2. Pretty much just had this conversation with housemates. Ouch. Remember when Uni was going to be magical and food free? Damn, that was a nice dream. Lasted til I got to Tescos. Shame.

  3. Ditto about being central, I'm in this tiny town on the london/surrey border so anything worthwhile requires a train and all the dull stuff is close enough to walk to. It's a 20 minute walk to campus, which I must do there and back at least 3 times a day. Although horror - no scales! They haven't been working here, so I reckon they've been victim to my "throw it all in" style of packing. Quelle domage!

    No at least, I have eaten everything that I came with, like the nutella and maryland cookies my mother packed me with (oh, the nutella) so I literally have nothing to eat unless I want to make pasta or baked potato or toast - carbs forever!

    My course is great thanks, how's yours? I'm kinda jealous about the politics now. I joined the debating society (because I live to out-geek myself continually) and the rest of them do politics. The french is great though, except it gets pretty deep and obscure - I have no clue about art, and am now planning an essay on art history.

    Okay, novel of a comment, but it's great having exactly the same experiences.