Tuesday, September 14

Oh fuck me, I'm going to have nine hours of classes A WEEK. That's it. Seriously, that leaves me 159hrs of time to kill.

But nevermind, it could be worse - I could be unfortunately stuck in a lecture theatre from 9 til6 everyday. I want to say I'm going to do loads of interesting things (I am going to write to the local radio station!), but I'm probably just going to kick back on Facebook and blogs for 80% of the time.

I am also now addicted to Weight Watchers Malted Danish bread, toasted. So tasty and only approx 60kcals a slice. Yum.


  1. weightwatchers actually do some amazing things. They do a recipe book and i've found a 100 kcal meal in it, they are all SO low in kcal. Loves it:-) H x

  2. and eh, who introduced you to that? :P

  3. well, if this means you blogging more, i cannot honestly say that i'm sorry. xx

  4. well lisa that was obviously you! :P

    it may mean more blogging, however in order to blog i need to go out and do things: vicious circle!