Thursday, December 2

Can't believe it's been a month. I'm busy, about to start exams, so obviously now I want to start blogging again. I'm addicted to pizza. If I liked clichés, I'd say it's the new carb. And luckily for you, I do like the odd cliché!

I think I'm probably fatter. I continue to be unaware of what weight I am - less than two weeks til I can find out. My boobs are still trying to take over the world.

I went to Paris. That was beautiful.

It's snowing here. "IT IS RUINING MY FUCKING LIFE oh but wait it's so pretty let me look out the window for just a minute more...!" is how I generally feel about it.

Awful blog. Very sorry.
D+ must try harder.


  1. OMG "My boobs are still trying to take over the world." As a devout worshipper of the boob&waist, you have no idea how happy this made me XD I love boobs, even though I hate my own for killing a promising long distance running carreer.

    I cured my pizza addiction by wiping it off the menu for a month. I do that with one type of fast food a month. This month is burger king. It should be fish&chips! XD


  2. i was supposed to be in edinburg right now but stupid snow meat didnt happen

    but wait
    soo much nicer than the usual aberdeen grey !