Thursday, February 12

bakeathon no. 1 '09

Every time I have exams, I get the desire to bake, mainly as a self-confidence boost. 'Mmm, these muffins are delicious!' means that even if my results are shit, something I've done in the past two weeks has been good.

Instead of giving in to the baking, I've stored it all up, and waited until today, The Day of No More Exams, to do it. So, today, I baked.

I made apple spice muffins. I made a chocolate and vanilla marble traybake. I made mega chocolate chip cookies. I ate so much raw dough I felt sick - during bakeathons (of which there are two to three a year), I operate strictly on the 'there are no calories in whatever you eat while you're making it rule'. This might be another reason why I love the bi/tri-annual bakeathons so much. It doesn't feel wrong, just for those three hours. Now, of course, I could hurl, but I'm not going to think about it. People are benefiting from my homebaking. That's what matters.

And if I get fat, well so be it.

Quote of The Week
'I didn't call you fat.. I said you had fat.. feet'

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