Tuesday, February 10

The only time I -ever- want chocolate

.. is Time Of The Month time.

Bluuurrrrgggh give it to me. Now.

My tea tonight had probably about 500 kcals.

Kill me now.

Just spoke to Man on the phone.
Man: I don't think I've ever heard of you eating anything but.. pasta.. some vegetables.. some fruit.. Whole Nut.. Munchies.. pizza.. Oatso Simple in the, what, six months we've been this close?

Me: I eat more than that. And I only eat Whole Nut and Munchies when you give them to me, and I never have Oatso Simple, I just like it.

Man: Ohhhhh. *feel eyebrows raising over phone*

Terrified: I'm crazy about him, and I'm so scared of letting him see the weird, calorie-counting, doesn't-eat-between-a-dry-cereal-breakfast-and-small-vegetarian-dinner, runs-in-her-bedroom-while-watching-DVDs-to-burn-off-the-Quorn-fillet-and-salad-she-had-for-tea food obsessive side of me. I know he wouldn't approve. He's said before that he'd much rather have a girl who was a bit overweight than at all underweight, and that I (may I say, at my fattest) was about as skinny as he'd go. I know you shouldn't change yourself for a man, but I don't want to lose him.

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