Tuesday, February 10

uni food cupboard

It's only a year til I am let loose on my own in life. The other day, I worked out what I'd keep in my cupboards/fridge while I'm at uni, to avoid snacking (although I'm so used to not being able to just nip to the shop for chocolate/bread/crisps/anything else crap, it'll be weird and I'll probably end up doing it all the time)

-- Diet Coke
-- Bran Flakes (get metabolism going first thing)
-- lettuce
-- peppers
-- dates (to have two of any time a sweet, pudding thing is required)
-- sweetcorn
-- tomatoes
-- wholemeal pasta
-- Quorn pieces
-- cashew nuts
-- Co-op reduced fat mild cheddar
-- soy sauce
-- sweet potatoes
-- Good With Everything herb sea salt

See, that sounds good. Enough combinations to make meals, but not enough temptation to constantly binge. Except the cashews. But a vegetarian has got to get some sort of protein, right?

Have come home early today, because of exams. It's much harder not to eat when you're in the house, sadly. But, Supersize vs Superskinny is on tonight, which is something to look forward to.

I decided to eat at lunchtime, because I know that, while I could've held off and not eaten anything at the time, by about 3pm I would've been ready to eat all the crisps in the bag (4x McCoys, 2x cheese Doritos, 2x Skips) plus a loaf of bread.

8g reduced fat cheese - 21 kcals
1x Choice Grain cracker - 32kcals
date - 15 kcals
= 68 kcals

There's something wrong with meeeeeeee I know I know I know but I don't know whaaaaaaat it is and I don't know howwwwww to stop :(

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