Thursday, February 19

holy fuck

I am a fat cow. Seriously. A great fucking heifer. Do you ever get to the stage in a binge where you know there's no point in stopping now? All you've done all day, from the full bowl of cereal first thing to the two slices of bread with cheese snack you had a 5pm, is eaten - and teatime hasn't even rolled around yet? This is happening to me - reversing all my fantastic work at the weekend and the beginning of the week. I am, I swear to God, going to have not eat for at least three days to get this turned round. My BMI was down to 18.3. I was getting to the point where it might be recognised by a doctor that I have a problem (I have an appointment on Tuesday, for unrelated reasons) - but no. Now I'll probably weigh the same as my fat old 15 year old self did, last time I was weighed.


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