Sunday, February 22


.. the cooking chocolate finding me (twat), some pictures I saw have kept me away from the bread bin :o SOMETHING KEPT ME AWAY FROM THE BREAD BIN, AND THE LATE NIGHT TOAST! Late night toast is regulation binge food behaviour. Not having it has never happened to me before. barbiedoll, I love you.

Danced around my room this morning, did 40 minutes of exercise last night, and going to do some more either right now, followed by some revision for my exam tomorrow, or the other way round. Either way, I'm going to get burning the chocolate, and hope for no gain tomorrow. It would be ridiculous to expect a loss. But I can pray for retention!

In other, good, news, jeans I bought in November are having serious staying up issues.
And someone had better bloody comment on my weight loss in the next week or so. I've lost nearly a stone since the beginning of the year - if that isn't worth recognition, I don't know what is.

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