Monday, February 23


Didn't gain this morning :D Very pleased. Was going to get up at 6.15am to do a little run, but slept through the alarm - guessing I was just too tired after dancing round my room to Madonna for about an hour last night.

Today I felt hungry for the first time since Wednesday. I love the feeling - it's like the discomfort relates to the joy of losing a pound. And I kept under 600kcals today! 200-250ish at breakfast, 270ish at tea, and 20kcals from a third of a 17p Milkybar. So chuffed. When I have control, it's easy to stick to what I've planned.

Instead of lunch, went for a 30 minute walk, and managed to be on my feet the rest of the day (except during my French exam) - in heels, no less. Walked everywhere, and more, and will do some running and/or dancing later on. Used a lovely calorie counter to estimate that it'll be about 900kcals burned. Hopefully I can go down a pound tomorrow.

Got the doctor first thing. Dunno if he'll height and weight me - I haven't had it done in about a year. I don't know if I want it - there's the possibility of a loss, and feeling good, but the risk of 'and how have you lost all this weight?'. Then there's the possibility of a gain, and how shit I would feel if that happened.

Pah, I hope he doesn't do it.

In other, good, news, got 2 As and a B-that-was-2-marks-off-an-A in my results. Definitely happy with that.

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