Tuesday, February 24

school is great

Because it has routine. I love routine. It's good for me.

150 calories at breakfast - tiny portion of Bran Flakes, and some raspberries
350-400 at dinner - veggie chilli and rice, followed by a Highlights

+ about an hour's walk, and exercise to follow.

I've got this whole week planned out. Tomorrow will be a Bran Flake breakfast, and possibly pasta for tea, with a sliver of Milkybar. Thursday will be the same breakfast, with gym at night, and a stirfry. Mini non-eat on Friday, and a pile of Wii Fit, until tea, when I will have.. Quorn. I think.

Plans rule my life.

Supersize vs Superskinny tonight. A girl can dream.

Today, my best friend told me I looked 'so tiny.. like, really thin' :) And I went down 1lb! Hurrah. Stay the same tomorrow, I think. I hope. A loss would be good, but I can't gain.

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