Wednesday, February 25

my scales broke

Seriously. Well, they ran out of battery. I have never been so stressed at 7am. I don't know what I weighed this morning. I felt lighter. Unlike now. All I have done since 4pm is eat, and eat junk. Ate more junk whilst watching the skinny bitches in Desperate Housewives. I deserve to be fat.

Also done no exercise - I did so much yesterday I could barely climb the stairs to registration this morning. I swear to God, my calves were about to give up on me. Felt really weak all day, too, both in legs and arms: never had that before, and I think it contributed to the binge.

Can't see what I weigh tomorrow unless someone gets this thing a new 9V battery (what a random size) - probably for the best, to be honest, after today.

TOMORROW, however. Breakfast, 1/2 an apple at lunch so I have some energy for afternoon exercise unless I still feel stuffed from today (entirely possibly). This also should stop people talking about me not eating, which I have been informed they are doing. I'm getting funny looks. Best Friend says it's because I look too small. I say it's because I have fucking muffin tops. Then walk to street for spectacles, walk + gymgymgym after school, and a vegetable stirfry for tea. Can't get much better, really. Should burn off a load of today. Then almost fast on Friday. Might have to eat tea. Might go to someone's house and say I've eaten. Hmm. Wanted to be 110lbs by Saturday. It's not happening, I'm going to guess, if I keep eating like this. Fat cow.

Wrote my final French presentation on my aspirations for the future, particulierement d'aller aux Etas-Unis. J'ai dit que le stereotype d'un americain est gros, et ma prof a dit: 'haha je ne pense pas que tu as n'importe quoi de t'inquiéte sur!'

Which was nice.

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