Tuesday, February 3

tea and scones

".. and did you know that oolong tea is a fat burning tea? Like, it helps weight loss and stuff"
"Nope. I had no idea."




Must pick some up tomorrow. Maybe I could keep a 2L bottle in my room?

One of my big obsessions is baking. I like to make sponges, cupcakes, cookies, scones, brownies, gingerbread, tealoaf, buns, you name it, I'll make it. I like to bake because I get the satisfaction of giving food to everyone else, thus surrounding myself with people eating. I therefore feel better about myself, because I am not eating. I also like the self-esteem boost I get when people are like 'oh my God, this is soooo good!'.

However, I have exams starting Friday. So, I don't have time to bake right now. Next Thursday, when they've all finished, I'm going to go wild. Work won't know what's hit them, as I'm also on holiday. I'll drop them off, and they'll all be gone by Monday, when I'm back. Excellent.

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