Tuesday, March 31

it's been too long

After three weeks of (mildly enjoyable, hugely guilty) binge eating, the bandwagon has been calling me. Man will have to see me naked on Saturday, and we can't have me looking monsterous, can we? I'm starting healthily. Just want to lose some of these heiferous pounds I've put on.

Today: Bran Flakes, Innocent smoothie - 250kcals approx

Will be having 2 falafel and a side salad for lunch (150-180), and I'm making a mushroom and potato curry for tea (212 kcals a portion).

So, the day will be generally low-cal, but with filling foods - like, I'm not eating away at some M&Ms for my sustenance. And it should keep calories from fat way low, too.

And I'm going to force myself to drink Oolong tea again. It's the best appetite surpressant I've ever known, and although it now tastes like cigarette smoke, for some reason, I need to do it..

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