Saturday, March 28

that must be our alcohol and beers!

Went out last night. Scared of alcohol calories. Myself and Recently Discharged Anorexic Friend sipped at our vodka and Diet Cokes. A flatmate of a friend and his brother offered to buy us drinks.

Flatmate's Brother: what do you want?
Me: vodka and diet coke, please!
Him: vodka and coke, cool.


Then I had a bag of crisps and two slices of bread when I got home at quarter to three.
The irony of that is genuinely laughable.

I had a great night, though. It was nice to just be totally relaxed, and to spend time with these guys, who I hadn't hung out with since I was about 13. In those days we wandered the streets on a Saturday, regardless of the weather, and seemed to find myriad things to do. We wore 'alternative' outfits - scruffy skinny jeans, stripey black and red t-shirts, corduroy blazers, battered Converse (oh, they were favourites). Occasionally we went to this little cafe for waffles, or this other one, for cups of tea. Now, we go to bars for Friday evening drinks and dancing. It's bizzare - we missed out about four years in the middle, where I never, ever saw them. I like spending time with them! :)

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