Saturday, March 21

warning: emo blog alert

I haven't felt this shit since.. well, not having Man around Christmastime was awful, but before that.. probably since the end of second year, where I was just perma-misery. I want to curl up and sleep for the next eternity. I don't want anyone to see me, especially not Recently Discharged Anorexic Friend, who was helping to film the second showing of the fashion show tonight and whom I felt disgusting in the presence of. She's beautiful.

I looked humongous. I knew I would.

I am not going to hang out with RDAF at any point in the near future, I've decided. She was clearly judging me all the time, and I know I was insanely jealous of her. I don't think it would be good for either of us.

Tomorrow we're going for a mothers' day meal. AN INDIAN. AT 1PM.

Who the hell eats curry on a Sunday afternoon!? Me, apparently! Yuck!

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