Monday, March 9


Feel so motivated! Have kept under 300kcals today:

100kcals breakfast (some cereal and a sip or two of smoothie)
6kcals lunch (3 grapes)
60kcals dinner (stirfried veg @ 25kcals, bit of cheese @ 20kcals, two dates @ approx 30kcals)
35kcals hot chocolate


Note to self: do not even think about having Cadbury Highlights when on a binge ever again. Firstly, you don't want to waste the precious low cal chocolateyness. Secondly, you don't appreciate it! You let a mug go cold on Saturday while you packed Dairy Milk in your face! Sacré bleu!

Have folded up all that remains of my four day binge (3 rows of a Cadbury Dairy Milk with Crunchie 230g bar.. yes, that is all. Yesterday evening I ate a Creme Egg, the other part of that DM with Crunchie, NINE shortbread rounds and two bits of toast. Plus my dinner. Why don't I purge?) and buried it under my knickers. I would chuck it out.. but I imagine I will binge again at some point in my life, and, in these credit crunching times, I'm not forking out for another bar.

Ohh the thinspo that is 90210 is on tonight! Going to go and burn 200kcals on the dancemat before it. I then have a French writing to learn, and a girl to phone about a gym trip tomorrow.

3 lbs this week? Yes we can.

Today, my boss told me I looked 'ill'.
Only someone like me could ever take that as a compliment.

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  1. Yeah! 300 calories!
    I'm gonna try stay under 500 (basically just morning coffee and dinner) for the next while.

    You can totally lose 3lbs this week! :)