Friday, July 24

my favourite shocker story

I've told everyone I know this story, especially my super skinny friends, who are as shocked and disgusted as I was.

After a night out recently, our group went back to a group of friends' flat. One of them announced she'd make food for us to save someone skipping out to a burger van. I wasn't particularly caring - of course, I'd been drinking and my ideas of fat had totally changed.

Until the following events took place:

1) Before putting in a tray of oven chips, she put OIL ON THE TRAY. No one does that. They're fine on their own. You're not frying them!

No chips, then.

2) She was going to put in a margherita pizza. Fair play, have a couple of small slices, y'know. Then she grated extra NORMAL CHEDDAR (not even half fat cheese :) and put it on top too.


It came out of the oven looking megggaaaa greasy and super cheesy, which wasn't a surprise.

No pizza, then.

Instead, I had a cup of tea and walked the half an hour back to where I was staying at 3am - how could you not feel like burning calories sitting in a room with that fatfest?


After measurement last night, my boobs are cup size D. I have vague ribs and CUP SIZE D BREASTS. Is it any wonder someone asked me if they were real that same night?