Monday, July 27


  1. I'm on my period. Dammit I've never been skinny enough not to have these blighters that make me reach for the Dairy Milk, Nurofen and hot water bottles every single month.
  2. My Significant Other/Affairer/Man is still away, with his fucking girlfriend, and has texted me.. uhh, three times, and phoned me.. uhh, once. In nearly two weeks.
  3. My two best friends are doing something with another friend of ours sans moi this evening.
  4. My other main group of friends are doing something on Thursday that I'm not even invited to.
  5. On Saturday, I was having emotional issues, as I do now and again. I was listening to Take That (unrelated, but mention-worthy) and sat with a penknife pressed against my arm. I didn't do anything with it, I just sat there until I came to my senses and put it down. I have noooo idea what I intended, it was sort of.. trance-y, but seemed to make sense for three minutes and twenty-nine seconds, the length of Shine.
  6. I proceeded to get drunk (very quickly, after having not eaten much all day) with some friends and I think tell one of my close friends who was vaguely in-the-know much more than I wanted to about my eating issues.

I feel so stupid.

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