Monday, August 3

clinically obese

For once, I'm not talking about myself. One of my colleagues, who is also quite a good friend, and I have been spending an awful lot of time mocking fat people lately. Simply because we've discovered that it's yet another thing we have in common. We're very similar in many respects. And now there's another.

Today, I arrived at work, and she came running up to me:

'there has been nothing but clinically obese people in this shop today! There are some at the till right now!'

And she was right.

It seems as though the UK's obesity crisis has descended itself upon my usually-quite-skinny corner of the isles.


  1. mocking fat people a favourite hobby
    in my corner of the uk theres an abundance!


  2. it's my favourite hobby full stop. i think we could get on well.