Monday, August 17

final straw.

Okay, there has been no 'final straw' as such. However, the fact that I

a) am back to school on Wednesday (apparently.. considering leaving, now I've got the grades, but that's a different story..)
b) am going to Lanzarote in two months
c) now have some people actually following this blog

has made me want to prove that I can be thin again. So, as of Wednesday, I am sticking to a rigid diet once more. It will never go above 700kcals a day, I will be going to the gym at least once a week, and for a walk at least three/four times a week. I will do my goddamn toning exercises and I will stop putting milk in my tea.

If you hear of me veering off this path, shout. Loudly.


My boobs are now so out of control my mother thinks they 'don't look natural'.

To be fair, it was because I was wearing some bra that apparently doesn't work for my 'lollipop' shape. I'm not a lollipop, I'm a giant gobstopper.


  1. you gotta add a follower thing to your blog i enjoy your but forget to keep up as i cant add you to my following list