Monday, October 26

'ey up.

In great need of a good shag.

What I Have Learned On Holiday:

- the only vegetarian option in ANY European-not-British restaurant is margarita pizza.

- swimsuits are still as shit as ever.

- however, swimming is fabulous exercise, which I should and would do more often if it weren't for the whole.. costume thing.

- it's always better to be even slightly drunk than to not be drunk at all.

- sizing is mental in Europe.

- never, ever, ever go shopping with your mother.


  1. i to wish it were acceptable to swim fully clothed clingy costume material and lack of fat coverage doesnt work with me either lol

  2. Sizing. Yikes. Like when i needed to know my dress size for a prom dress and the clerk ONLY glanced at my ass and got it right.


  3. I don't live in Europe, but from what I've seen from my travels I can safely agree with all of these (including the need for a shag).