Sunday, November 1

toasted twister

I'm craving one of these beasts.

Toasted Twister

A KFC Toasted Twister. Never had one, but I bet it's crisp, zingy and.. wrapped.

Problem #1:
I'm a vegetarian. Why the Christ do I want fast food chicken?

Problem #2:
509 calories per wrap, 52.3g carbs and 23.1g fat. Enough said.

Secret Problem #3:
MY NEAREST KFC (or any fast food outlet, for that matter) is TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY SIX MILES AWAY.

If it weren't for the overnight boat journey or, alternatively, a flight costing between £1-200, I'd be there right now, vegetarian or not.


  1. Dude, I know. Sometimes it seems like being a vegetarian is the only thing that saves me. Like how the other day I was craving lasagna like crazy! But then I remembered that meatless lasagna (the frozen, pre-packaged kind, at least) tastes like crap, and I can't eat regular lasagna because of the meat. Now if only I could convince myself that snickers and twix are just as bad for animal testing! Gah! =(

  2. i always secretly wish there was a similar vegetairn option 10 minutes on a bus and id total have it down me
    but indeed 23g of fat is not going to happen lol x

  3. Where do you live, Mars? That's a pretty good preventive measure though.


  4. 226 miles away?! Where do you live, outer space?