Saturday, November 7

je suis malade

I have a very sore throat, and I had very much lost my voice. Mum just told me to drink two pints of water.

I am in the process of doing so, and MY VOICE IS KIND OF COMING BACK.

Although that's obviously meant to be a positive thing, I'm going to go right ahead and say the-thing-you're-not-meant-to-say:

I'm enjoying my illness.

I haven't been even vaguely ill in over three years. I'm always expected to be somewhere, at some time, doing something. I always have some kind of work to do. I'm always bloody stressed about God knows what - however, for the past day and a half, I've just got to sit around, watch food channels on TV, the odd episode or seven of Scrubs, and have unlimited cups of tea and Strepsils. No one expected me to do anything. I haven't felt pressured because I was trying to relax while I should've been working. So, fuck you, people who say you should never wish for illness. It's given me a nice fucking break, and I've bloody well loved it.


  1. Grandpa's remedy for a lost voice?

    A shot of 12-year-old scotch.


    Much prefer your Mum's method!!

  2. I dunno, I wouldn't say no to a shot of scotch if it was coming my way right now.. :P

  3. I love things said that shouldn't be.