Monday, November 2

small sacrifices

In order to cure my meat 'n' fat craving, I ate a Quorn version of the thing I saw on TV yesterday.

Wholemeal wrap - 105kcals
Quorn fillet - 95kcals
Small handful of lettuce and pepper - 25kcals

= 225kcals.

Nice. Same distance between here and the nearest KFC, coincidentally!

Saved about 300 calories, didn't eat meat, and it was just as tasty. I am satisfied.


  1. Of course you are. It's probably common, then, for us to be when we make knock-off recipes that respect our calorie limits. It's a safe, filling, feeling that we go after in the first place when we try to eat.

    That makes sense to me, maybe not you. Sorry. If it doesn't ignore that and pretend I just said...

  2. gotta love quorn makes something that passes as an actual meal without going near 300 cals if it werent for that id still be getting bowls of pasta shoved down me

    go quorn
    and odd low cal recipes :) even tho your isnt but it is pretty funny how it came in at the same distance to kfc