Sunday, November 22

sex, babies and skinny jeans

Today, I pulled on my Topshop size 8 skinnies in a hurry, which didn't fit any more a couple of weeks ago, and ran out the door (obviously, with other clothes on too..). It was only after three minutes in the car that I thought 'hey! I'm wearing these jeans! Comfortably!'


I then had to spend time with my cousin and her still-very-new baby. I am in No Way a baby person, though, as they go, hers is quite nice. Unfortunately, after it had made its way happily around everyone else, it got to me and started screaming. Sigh.

I feel guilty about following a paragraph about my cousin's months-old baby girl with one about sex, but I think I'm going to have to do it ('do it' naturally being the operative part of that sentence).

I like sex. I have what could probably be called a high sex drive. And, right now, I need to have sex. Oh, yes, I will get to - next Sunday. Morning. Probably just once (and then likely not again til, oh, say, January?). For the first time since the beginning of September. That's nearly three months!


I might have to do a Ross and start learning karate.

1 comment:

  1. way to go with the jeans!

    and hey in that sexy demin the boys will be queing up *wink wink*