Tuesday, December 22

social conscience

While absolutely binging out on McCoys crisps (the bane of my frickin' life), ooh, about half an hour ago in front of Scrubs on ComedyCentral, an advert came on for Save the Children. With poor, malnourished, emaciated Akoopiki or whatever his/her name is.

I felt AWFUL.

Why does my gut demand more food (and why do I continue to give in) when there are people like that in the world?

So selfish.


  1. even worse is when you see shows about deathly skinny celebs and the ana inside of you goes "inspiration" but the morbidly obese elephant inside of you goes "well at least you aren't going to end up like that! om nom nom nom nom"

    i hate that.

  2. Ugh, I hate that. What's worse is I find myself sometimes secretly wishing that I didn't have access to all this food, that I HAD to starve rather than swinging between binging and restricting... then I realise I'm incredibly lucky, and I'm being selfish.

    And then I go and binge/restrict anyway.



  3. I don't felt guilty anymore. This may sound harsh, but whether you eat or not they won't be getting any dinner. Unless, the best you can do is use the money you would be spending on grocieries and give it to someone who would love those meals.

    My motto: do something about it or leave it alone.

    Don't take this as me being mean, but giving my honest opinion.

  4. Oh no, I don't take it as you being mean at all! I would normally absolutely agree with you - it's just that I'm not usually confronted by it -while- I'm stuffing my face :)