Sunday, January 31

dear bra companies

I am a woman. And sometimes, just sometimes, women have tits. Sometimes, women have disproportionately large tits compared to the size of their, say, hips, or waist. In situations like these, some PADDED MONSTROSITY, or a BALCONY BRA will not do. I partially blame bras like these (also, partially my genes, but whatever) for my having been told on more than three occasions that my boobs do not look real. I do not want to look like some pushed up, padded out Katie Price wanna!

And so I come to you, A N Other Bra Company. I want non-padded, but I want it to be sexy. I don't want to stick that in the search box, and get back four plain white t-shirt bras! What the fuck is wrong with you?!

Man up. Seriously. I want underwear. I've got mature and experienced male colleagues to impress.

Lots of love,


  1. Are you trying to tell me that the breasts in that picture above AREN'T natural?
    Good luck finding a sexy non-extremely-padded bra... They all have so much freaking padding in them that it looks like your tits really are supposed to be there to hold up your head

  2. I haven't worn a padded bra since college, when guys would come up to me at parties and ask if the girls were real.

    As is, I'm saving up for surgery.

  3. bravissimo is my saviour. and you know how large my chest is!

  4. mine are size a
    so i wouldnt want non padded but yeah good luck with that ive seen some lacy kinda things
    you could just impress them with no bra *wink wink*


  5. Thanks guys. I'm no further on in my quest. But I hope to get there eventually :)