Saturday, January 30

i'm going into AA

That's Aspartame Anonymous, by the way.

That was my kitchen table, sometime in May. I don't think there has been any less Diet Coke than that in the house at any point since then. I drank two litres in the past two days. I know I've been flat out addicted to it since I was, oh, yay high, but this is taking it to a whole new extreme.

I also really want these 'maternity hareem PJ bottoms' I found on the Topshop website today. They sound so comfy. It's a shame I'm not

a) pregnant (what a joke, of course that's not a shame)
b) able to sleep in long PJ bottoms (far too hot)
c) about to be seen dead in hareem pants (well, that's just common sense!)


  1. I should join AA too. I loved A) pregnant (what a joke..) killed me. I feel the exact same way =)

  2. I should also join AA. It is an addiction... I'm pretty sure my body is 60% diet coke, rather than 60% water, or whatever the percentage is.

    I somehow managed to miss your blog about your sexual exploits. But I just read it, and it made me laugh. You should never, ever, stop blogging. I adore your posts.

    I'm sorry to hear you and Man broke up. I hope you are okay now, and feeling better. Drown your sorrows with diet coke.


  3. I'm pretty sure aspartame won't kill you as fast as obesity would, so try not to worry too much.

    Meanwhile I'm considering joining overeaters anonymous. Do you think I'd get laughed out?