Friday, January 29

middle class bird food

The snow here is crazy. Like, seriously mad. It hasn't stopped since I got up at quarter to seven this morning, and it's very, very windy. The birds outside look starving, and so my mother has decided to put together some homemade bird food for them. This includes

- redskin peanuts and linseeds from a reasonably expensive health food shop
- fancy organic museli
- granary breadcrumbs
- parmesan shavings

And if that doesn't scream pretentious, middle class to you... my God.

The snow is, however, such an inconvenience.

For example, I am not at work this evening in order to flirt with Guy from Work (more on that later), as I can't drive to town. Boo.

Later? Maybe now. Long and short of it, he kissed me. Interesting turn of events - wasn't expecting a kiss where there was no potential for follow up (time/location wouldn't have allowed it). Don't know what's going on there, but I think I like it.

Food/weight news.. very little. Have eaten a fair quantity recently (fat bitch), but can still see varying amounts of ribs and don't weigh any more, so am trying to breathe easy.

And, finally, I'm going on the list of temps for the council, so that I can leave school and work there in a dull old office job (hurrah for mum being able to potentially pull some management strings and have my position in the queue elevated slightly..). Mainly because I'm fed up of telling people I'm still at school. However, it's also partly because I have all the grades I need, I'm in to 3 of 5 unis I applied to, and I'll never say no to having the money for September.

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  1. snow is currently wrecking my plans to grr
    i didmt know birds liked parmesan cheese that made me laugh lol x