Thursday, January 21

Man and I broke up. It wasn't like a break up. It was just like 'well, this is probably the right decision'. I cried. He didn't think I'd be fussed, at all. I cried some more. I can't believe we're over. A part of me feels like we'll be very Ross & Rachel-y, because it wouldn't be the first time - and we've been through an awful lot to get where we are now.

But he tells me he started thinking with his head, and not his heart, and that he doesn't think he can give up all the things he'd have to give up in order for us to be together publically. Which is fair enough, I guess, I see where he's coming from, and it would be really, really selfish of me to ask him to do so..

It's just.. everything would be so much easier if I wasn't so stupidly in love with him.

This is horrible. My friends keep telling me it's 'for the best'. I'm not ready to hear that. I'm just not. I wish they would shut the fuck up.


  1. Oh, honey.
    "We'll all float on okay."

  2. I just can't say anything, this is one of those times where I just listen.
    (That's why I left the puny comment.)

  3. Breakups suck ass.

  4. aw im sorry
    your friends probz just trying to help buts so annoying when its not what you wna hear

    so [ insert what you want to hear here] there you go :) x

  5. Modest Mouse cheered me up :)

  6. I've been living a very Ross and Rachel'y relationship for the past five years... This is my only relationship and I don't know how to do break ups. I don't have friends so I'm not hearing any "It's for the best".. I believe that would make things harder. Chin up buttercup =) Now it's time to be consumed by Ana, and your own dreams, desires... =)