Sunday, January 17


So, our big show/kind of prom thing that was cancelled because of snow before Christmas was held on Friday night. It went quite spectacularly - I'm so proud of everyone, and it put last year's to shame.

I'm so proud of it (and the fact I've lost 6lbs since the last time I checked the scales - which was about October/November, as I try to stay away from them in order to keep me from starving myself to oblivion) that I'm actually going to give you a photo. Of me and a guy from my year: we hosted the whole shebang. 'Cause I'm cool like that.

So, it's far away, my legs are weirdly crossed, my hips look huge (I swear it's the dress) and God knows what's going on with my shoulders. But there you go. Yours truly.

After the show finished, and the dancing was meant to start, my mood absolutely plummeted. Must've been stress or something. I don't know. But someone asked if I was ok, I burst into tears, cried for a good, oh, hour? and had home instead of going out to get annihilated with my classmates. I hadn't even been drinking!

I've then slept for about 20 hours in the past two days.. which is weird. Usually I'd get in about half that. And I'm still tired.

Oh well. It was great.


  1. hey
    i wanted to say that if you sleep too much you will also feel really tired.
    Good work. you look good at least as much as i can see from this small picture.


  2. The dress is a gorgeous color! Feel better and congrats on the 6 lbs. :)

  3. Well, golly.
    That's just craziness.
    Congratulations on being a rocking host.
    And making progress.
    I'm glad you don't go overboard with the scale.
    ...Wait, who's the hottie in the green dress again? ;)

    And I'm unsure, but curious about this outburst.