Wednesday, January 6


Only 11kcals per stick. Brilliant.

And even more so with the weird, pervy Japanese advert. Much better than those Evian babies. I want to kill them. Is it wrong to want to kill dancing babies? I could just wipe them out with their ridiculous boom boxes, or put tons of obstacles in their way so that they'd fall over and graze themselves, or get some kind of gun and -

Probably taking it too far here. Back to Mikado. They're fabulous.


  1. Kind of like Pocky.
    I love oriental foods, they're the best, calorie-wise.
    Except for when the label reads Kcals. What's a Kcal?

  2. Holy crap, if they are lower cal than Pocky, I'm so there! Thank you! <3

  3. those babies scare me !

    ive wanted to try these since seeing the advert but im to scared id eat the whole box lol


  4. Lol those fecking babies! So annoying.

    Reading your comment from way back about supersize vs superskinny made me laugh. I loved that show, the new replacement "My Big Fat Diet show with Anna Richardson is such a dismal substitute. Hope it comes back. I miss the sexy blonde doctor.

  5. I screamed when I saw the babies on the television earlier.

    My housemate thought it was hilarious.

    I am petrified that he will haunt me with printed-out pictures of their chubby-baby hideousness.


  6. Mikado are fantastic.
    Unfortunately, I would quite easily eat more than one. And 11calories within a 2.3g mikado... not great.

  7. yes. these. are. ridiculously delicious.