Friday, January 8

overpowering mothers

Two of my friends' mothers told them on separate occasions they needed to calm down the food intake and lose some weight. I don't think mothers are meant to do that. I'm sure quite a few do! But it's not really in the job description..

(Mine just talks to me on Facebook chat. She's in the living room. I'm in my room. There are four steps between the two. We're so hip and modern..)

Maybe if she did act as ridiculously as that, I'd listen?


  1. Haha! (regarding your mother being on Facebook)

    But, well, my Mum is alright with my "dieting" (of course, she doesn't know that I sometimes go too far) because she is just as (or very nearly) obsessed with being thin.

    She was bulimic as a child, and I think that she's still disordered at heart.

    Consider this: will you ever be able to think "normally" about losing weight again?

    Food for thought!

    au revoir, bon voyage, a bientot, until next time!

  2. I hear this a lot and honestly haven't made an opinion on it. It depends on how the mother tells the daughter she needs to diet, I guess. And how often.

  3. my mum tells me this all the time. you know that though!

  4. okay, update on that. mum told me tonight i should try and lose a stone. enough said.

  5. my mom does this all the time. she told me that 400 cal is the perfect intake, lunch doesn't exist, and she refuses to buy me things unless i lose weight

  6. Jeeez at the weight loss mothers :| My mum goes on about her own weight all the time and how fat she is and how she needs to lose half a stone/a stone/about two stone depending on how 'fat' she feels that day, but when it comes to me it's all about 'body love!'. I spy double standards.

  7. That's terrible. Although when I was in college my mom used to advise me not to wear certain things since I had put on some extra pounds at the time. She never full on told me to stop eating though.