Sunday, February 21


OMFG my lips are going to fall off my face. They're so fucking dry - a combination of cold weather, the common cold, and too much kissing. And there is only so much Vaseline a girl can use!

Living off toast. I mean, I tend to do that anyway, except usually I binge on it outside of mealtimes. I'm currently just eating it, and little else. It's so good. Carbs and me were meant to be. Sadly.

I walked for two hours last night. It was awesome. Fucking freezing, like (seriously. Zero degrees), but awesome.

At Work Guy's house, I now have a specific side of the bed, and a box of my favourite tea in the cupboard, which he bought for me. To keep there. Next thing I know, there'll be a toothbrush with my name on it, and an empty drawer in the nightstand. And he keeps going on about 'not having expectations about where this is going' and 'not seriously dating'.

I'm sorry. Is it any wonder I'm a little bit confused?


  1. Blistex. Did you know vaseline actually makes your lips dryer? And it's made out of petroleum. Gross.

    Toast is probably my favorite food. Especially like the pieces with 25 cals and no butter. Delicious and perfect for little binges or "meals".

    I wish I was as brave as you and could walk in the cold. I just don't do it. Not strong enough. And I've been justifying my lack of exercise with the cold and the treadmill being "broken".

    Your "bf" seems amazing, but I understand why you could be confused. Just be happy with what you got, right? Time will tell.

    Stay strong, beautiful.

    With love,


  2. weird i too have very bad lips and using lots of vaseline (the pink rosy one yay! )

    i too ould be confuse lol