Saturday, February 13

tmi from night spent with work guy

Yeah soooo I stayed at his last night. Shit food, good times.. and the best orgasm I've ever been given by anyone else ;)

Weirdly, I felt much more relaxed and openly sexual with him than I ever did with Man, although we were meant to have the months-and-months-of-relationship connection.

I also felt comfortable enough to allow his fingers to do something I've never let anyone do before. And it was not bad at all. Interesting.. ;)

And now, the worst part of the TMI:

I wore his t-shirt to bed (man alive it was like a nightie: I'm scraping 5'5 and he's well over 6' - and not overly thin) . I woke up in spooning position at 4am. I watched the whole room get lighter over a period of hours in the morning where we just lay in bed. And I fucking loved it. I loved just.. sleeping with someone. I despise overly romantic and mushy and 'aww, cuddles' couples, so this is really awkward to write about.

Sorry. Cold hearted bitch will be back soon. Promise.


  1. TMI, but, I enjoyed reading this!

    That could make me sound like a creep.

    What I mean, is, it's nice to be overly romantic and mushy. Sometimes.

    Make the most of being mushy. You can be a bitch, everyday, but it's not everyday you get to be given amazing orgasms by other people.

    Unless you're really lucky. Which I suppose, someone, somewhere, must be.


  2. And also, haha, the little word verification thing for my comment was:


    If you swap the last m with the n, you get...


    Which is moans, really.

    Well, it amused me!...

  3. I don't think it's tmi, it's your blog, write whatever you want. I do enjoy reading your posts about the sexual stuff, though. Sounds creepy, but it totally reminds me of my ex bf. You sound really happy with him, that's so great.

    Stay strong lovely.

    With love,