Monday, February 15


Tomorrow night, I'm cooking for Work Guy. He's not vegetarian, but says he's alright with having a vegetarian option. I am scouring my myriad veggie cookbooks (FYI: I've got every single one under the sun. Everyone I know says I don't eat a lot.. so they buy me cookbooks. My bookshelf revolves around them) for something which is

a) low in fat and calories (for my benefit)
b) hearty and filling enough that it doesn't lack meat (for his benefit)
c) not too filling (for optimum lack of bloatedness)
d) simple, ingredients-wise (for cheapness, mainly, as I'm buying)
e) quick and easy to make, while still presenting impressively (because, c'mon, I'm going to get distracted but I still need to look like a shit hot chef)

oh, yeah, and

f) exceptionally tasty (obvz so I can be like 'yo, I'm better at this than you are')

.. OH GOD.


  1. Hmm..stirfried something? I'll keep my eyes peeled today, let you know if I find anything.

  2. So I think this is the first time I'm commenting on your blog.. Hi I'm Helen (but if I have actually already commented, sorry).
    Hope you found a recipe, sorry I don't have any but I'll let you know if I find something. xo, Helen.

  3. hearty and low in calories dont tend to be seen together maybe you could go with the stirfried something like violet said and add sone noodles or rice to his but pretend you dont like rice or noodles

    i have a few veggie cooks books have never cooked anything from any of them but i have read them all cover to cover am i weird ? lol

    hope dinner is good (and after dinner even better wink )