Thursday, February 18

so, i went with

A vegetarian friendly chilli. It went down very well, actually - some tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic, kidney beans, lentils and chilli. Oh, and coriander. I would eat that stuff like a cow chewing the cud. Bought some bread for him to pad out his portion with, while I had a small bowl. Perfect.

I'm going through that phase where I just talk about.. this and really not much else. I'm a little sorry.

For example, yesterday, he left to go to work, and I was like 'I can get up, come to town too, it's fine' and he was like 'no, don't worry, just stick around, catch a bus later', so I hung around, had a lie in, watched some Food Network, drank orange juice and did the dishes. Man alive.


  1. food network oh how i love thee


  2. Can I steal your recipe? PLEASE?? 0.0

    I worship at your feet oh Vegetarian Domestic Goddess, please bless this insignificant one with thy wisdom


  3. I know! 2197...she had half a medium pizza, a few cokes, half a starter and a pudding, which is obv. a lot but 2197?!? Gah can't trust anyone in the kitchen. I'm not going to tell her though :)

    You should post your veggie chilli recipe, it sounds yummy!