Wednesday, April 28

piglets and rabbits

Look, me getting cutesy with animals. It's a rare event. That, my friends, is Facebook celebrity super pig, Lowrie.

Work Guy and I's sex drives are all fucked up. In that I am TOTALLY the man of the relationship, in a 'why aren't we shagging right now?' kind of way. He's like 'you're like every man's dream in a relationship, and I'm just like "I'm shattered!"'. Ugh.

'If you were with *guy we know who unfortunately happens to be a vague cousin of mine* you'd be at it like rabbits, everywhere'.


I think I've lost a little weight. Not enough, not enough by far. But a little. I'm going to my friend's house tomorrow, the one that I trust myself to stand on the scales of. My own scales lie. Bastards. So I guess I'll find out then.


  1. i wish i had YOUR sex drive. whats the secret?

  2. Ooft, I dunno. I've been like this for as long as I can remember :| Bit of a freak? Haha. I just really enjoy it (and I love utilising the power you can get out of it, the thrill of being attracted to someone.. that sort of shit)

  3. Eeeee. sooo adorable. :)

  4. haha man of the relationship! well, what a girl wants, the girl gets (i guess it applies here too lol). cute piglet and cute hair! your hair, not the piglets, btw. /xo