Sunday, May 2

this weekend

This weekend I have:

  • confessed all my foodie issues while naked and vulnerable. He was genuinely worried about me. Said I really needed to get help, and that what was going to happen when I went to uni? That scares me more than it scared him, I think. He informed me that he was going to 'come down there and kick my ass' if he so much as heard anything about me relapsing into bad ways.

  • eaten six pieces of toast in one day (and that's not all) to prove a point.

  • lost a pound.

  • walked miles in high heels to TONE.

  • taken the MAJOR relationship step of having him no longer listed as single on Facebook. Not 'in a relationship', but no longer 'single'. That's plenty much for me.


  1. confession is so hard... that's a big step btw you guys..! /xo

  2. AnonymousMay 02, 2010

    are you happy that you told him? I couldn't tell...

  3. I don't know. To some extent, yes, because it means he understands a bit more when I'm like 'uhh...' but on the other hand not at all because.. no one likes talking about it.