Monday, July 26


Now, we all probably know I'm a bit of an attention lover (bitch). So when the lovely miss Violet gave me an award, I felt I had to comply.

I love:

1. Politics. As a favourite teacher once said to me: 'politics. It's a dirty game... and that's why I love it'. That just encapsulates my feelings completely.

2. Shopping. For anything. Clothes. Food. Music. Tickets. Books. Tea. Presents. Cards. Homeware. Gadgets. If you can buy it, I'll do it.

3. Live music. Especially when you're a bit drunk, on your own, down on the front, with the sweaty old men, singing your lil' ol' heart out and clinging to the barrier like it's the end of the world. I could do that forever.

4. Carbohydrate. 'I thought she was on Atkins?' 'Carbs found her!' - carbs don't need to find me. I offer myself to them like a cheap corner hooker. My God, they love to use my body.

5. Bed with the boyfriend. Because I'm a big old sap now. Dickhead. Look what he's done to me.

I loathe:

1. Mushy food, mashed food. Makes me want to puke. Over and over again.

2. Spiders, flies, insects, bugs generally. EWW.

3. People who drive slowly on open road. I'm not necessarily advocating breaking the speed limit. But when you're doing 30mph along an open stretch of road with no junctions and NOTHING on the go.. there's something wrong.

4. My stomach and back fat.

5. The fact I'm suddenly fucking bricking it about university. Not the going away part.. just all the shit I've got to do beforehand :/

This was rubbish. I'm quite fat right now. On Sunday I ate two scones and three packets of crisps. Go figure.

I would like to pass this on to people whom I see reading this/commenting regularly:

flabby-j (who I'm sure is in no ways 'flabby)


  1. *Hugs* Pre-Uni stress sucks. You wanna hear some good stuff that happens after all the sodding get-there work?
    -Free stuff out the wazoo during Orientation
    -A bazillion new COFFEE places to try!
    -Free gym access to University gym ;)
    -Lots of awesome random clubs/societies/night classes
    -Free university internet access!!
    -Random bands putting on random concerts
    -Perfect excuse to buy pretty new stationary :D
    Um, yeah thats all I got for now :p

    I love yoooou! <3 Which Uni are you going to?

  2. Mmmm, carbs and boyfriend-bed. Sounds nice.

    No mushy food, so I'm guessing no baby food diet? Har har har.

    Fuck those scones, you are strong and beautiful so neahhhhh!
    xxxooo Eva

  3. :O i friggin love your blog!! how have i not found it sooner! oh and hello :L i'm sarah :) xx